13th Community Wide Experiment on the
Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction
CASP13 Experiment

CASP anonymous participation policy:

CASP best benefits the community when the methods used can be studied relative to their performance. However, to encourage participation by new-comers to the field and the exploration of new methods, in some circumstances it may be appropriate for groups to be able to submit anonymously.

Participants must apply to register an anonymous group. Applications will be reviewed for appropriateness before approval. Within the constraints of the CASP multi-group policy, participants may register both an anonymous group and a regular, if they wish. In addition to a regular methods abstract (which will not normally be released), submissions from an anonymous group must include an 'anonymous' methods description summarizing the approach used, but without details that would identify the submitter (which would be released).

If a method's performance in CASP is to be described in an independent publication by its submitters, that method should be disclosed (not anonymous). Publication of such results by CASP participants will be interpreted by the organizers as permitting them to disclose that group's results, so that the independent publication may be validated against actual CASP results.

For the benefit of the community, the identity of top performers in a modeling category will be disclosed, whether registered as anonymous or not.

The CASP organizers will make best efforts to maintain anonymity when requested subject to the limitations above, but cannot guarantee it.

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Opportunity to obtain the structure of a protein of interest in your research
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