13th Community Wide Experiment on the
Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction
Target: T1013
Target: T1013
Type: Human and Server
Entry Date: 2018-07-09
Server Expiration Date: 2018-07-12
Human Expiration Date: 2018-08-01

Protein: UNK2
Residues: 537
Method: X-RAY
Additional Information: IMPORTANT info: the structure was solved with a ligand bound and the additional challenge is to place this ligand in the context. Please include coordinates of the ligand preceded with the REMARK keyword in the PDB/CASP format. The structure was solved separately with a CYN-154806 ligand, and with an L-054,522 ligand. If you are planning to submit different sets of coordinates depending on the ligand bound - please submit them as two separate models and specify details in the REMARKS field.
CAPRI target: No
Sequence: (Plain text version)
Template: (Plain text version)
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