14th Community Wide Experiment on the
Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction
Target: H1060
Target: H1060
Type: Human and Server
Entry Date: 2020-06-18
Server Expiration Date: 2020-06-24
Human Expiration Date: 2020-07-27

Protein: T5 phage tail subcomplex
Organism: T5 phage
Residues: 1106
Method: EM
Additional Information: A hetero-complex, representing a component of the phage T5 tail distal complex. This component is composed of 4 protein chains A, B,C, D that form 4 rings piled on top of one another. Ring arrangement is as follows: ring A(A3), ring B(A3), ring C(B3/C12), ring D(D6).
CAPRI target: Yes
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