13th Community Wide Experiment on the
Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction
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Targets expire on the specified date at noon (12:00) local time in California (GMT - 7 hours).

Green color - active target; Yellow color - target expires within 48 hours; Orange color - target expires within 24 hours; Red color - target has expired for server TS/RR predictions, but is still open for QA predictions. Refinement and data-assisted targets are highlighted with the light grey background.

* targets selected for CAPRI experiment
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1. F0964 Assisted - A1 2018-08-10 2018-08-13 - 2018-09-30 This is a FRET data-assisted modeling target.
This data type is new in CASP. Results will not be competitively assessed in CASP13. Rather, with this target we are initiating a discussion and allowing for a learning experience with the development of future FRET-based modeling techniques in mind. We are providing ample time to model this target with the closing date of September 30 (pending approval from the structure's author).
The molecule’s two domains seem open to homology modeling but the relative domain orientation is not known (we have the structure of only the second of the two domains starting with the residues VIVIGDE). The FRET data suggest that there may be a distribution of domain orientations, opening a challenge of dynamic modeling in CASP. This topic will be discussed at the CASP13 meeting.

The description of the FRET data and an overview of the results for this particular target can be found at http://predictioncenter.org/casp13/doc/FRET_CASP13_AGSeidel.pdf .
The detailed FRET data will be released progressively as they become available.  

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