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Retrospective view

A December 1996 meeting was a culmination of a 9 month long, community wide experiment in objective testing of the structure prediction methods. Before the meeting, 42 structural targets provided by crystallographers and NMR spectroscopists were made available to the prediction community. For the first time targets in the docking category were included in addition to those in comparative modeling, fold recognition, and ab initio folding. Prior to the public release of structures, more than 900 predictions by approximately 70 research groups world wide were collected.

Verification of the prediction targets, the submission formats, and the development of software for the automatic evaluation of predictions was done by Aron Marchler-Bauer, NLM, Ceslovas Venclovas and Adam Zemla, Protein Structure Prediction Center.

Independent assessors this time were Janet Thornton, University College, London, for comparative modeling, Michael Levitt, Stanford University, for fold recognition, and Arthur Lesk, University of Cambridge Clinical School, for ab initio predictions.

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