Results Recalculated in 2019
Retrospective view
# Target ID Type No. residues Method Description
1. T9901 All groups 171 X-ray BHTED,
PDB code 1mka
2. T9902 All groups 287 X-ray BPHC,
PDB code 1han
3. T9903 All groups 61 X-ray Ce_1
4. T9904 All groups 95 X-ray ChMut,
PDB code 1ecm
5. T9905 All groups 136 X-ray CrabPI,
PDB code 1cbr
6. T9906 All groups 228 X-ray E5.2,
PDB code 1dvf
7. T9907 All groups 111 X-ray E5.2_C,
PDB code 1dvf
8. T9908 All groups 228 X-ray E5.2_D,
PDB code 1dvf
9. T9909 All groups 134 X-ray EDN
10. T9910 All groups 128 X-ray HFD,
PDB code 1doi
11. T9911 All groups 566 X-ray KAUreaseA,
PDB code 2kau
12. T9912 All groups 101 X-ray KAUreaseB,
PDB code 2kau
13. T9913 All groups 100 X-ray KAUreaseG,
PDB code 2kau
14. T9914 All groups 122 X-ray L14,
PDB code 1whi
15. T9915 All groups 88 X-ray McHpr,
PDB code 1pch
16. T9916 All groups 22 NMR Membind,
PDB code 1cfg
17. T9917 All groups 179 X-ray NDK,
PDB code 1nsk
18. T9918 All groups 151 X-ray P450,
PDB code 1oxa
19. T9919 All groups 403 X-ray PBDG,
PDB code 1pbg
20. T9920 All groups 467 X-ray PCNA,
PDB code 1plq
21. T9921 All groups 258 X-ray PPDK,
PDB code 1dik
22. T9922 All groups X-ray PPDK_1,
PDB code 1dik
23. T9923 All groups 249 X-ray PPDK_2,
PDB code 1dik
24. T9924 All groups 121 X-ray PPDK_3,
PDB code 1dik
25. T9925 All groups 151 X-ray PPDK_4,
PDB code 1dik
26. T9926 All groups 355 X-ray ProSub,
PDB code 1spb
27. T9927 All groups 71 X-ray RTP,
PDB code 1bm9
28. T9928 All groups 120 X-ray SmaNucEcs,
PDB code 1smn
29. T9929. All groups 68 NMR Staufen,
PDB code 1stu
30. T9930 All groups 126 X-ray Synapto,
PDB code 1rsy
31. T9931 All groups 345 X-ray Xylanase,
PDB code 1xys
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