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Retrospective view
# Target ID Type No. residues Method Description
1. T0196 All groups 116 X-ray Hypothetical protein, P. furiosus
PDB code 1xe1
2. T0197 All groups 179 X-ray Hypothetical protein, P. furiosus
PDB code 1xkc
3. T0198 All groups 235 X-ray Phosphate transport system regulator PhoU, putative, T. maritima
PDB code 1sum
4. T0199 All groups 338 X-ray Heat shock operon repressor HrcA, T. maritima
PDB code 1stz
5. T0200 All groups 255 X-ray Conserved hypothetical protein, D. radiodurans
PDB code 1t70
6. T0201 All groups 94 X-ray Hypothetical protein, T. maritima
PDB code 1s12
7. T0202 All groups 249 X-ray Hypothetical protein, A. fulgidus
PDB code 1suw
8. T0203 All groups 382 X-ray At5g08170, Arabidopsis
PDB code 1vkp
9. T0204 All groups 351 X-ray At5g18200, Arabidopsis
PDB code 1vkv
10. T0205 All groups 130 X-ray At2g34160, Arabidopsis
PDB code 1vm0
11. T0206 All groups 220 X-ray BclA, B. anthracis
PDB code 1wck
12. T0207 All groups 78 X-ray XcR50, X. campestris
PDB code 1ttz
Canceled - early release
13. T0208 All groups 357 X-ray EFR41, E.faecalis
PDB code 1tz9
14. T0209 All groups 239 X-ray IR47, H.influenzae
PDB code 1xqb
15. T0210 All groups 160 X-ray SOR12, S. oneidensis
PDB code 1yud
Canceled - no structure
16. T0211 All groups 144 X-ray HR1958, Human
PDB codes 1xpw, 1TVG
17. T0212 All groups 126 X-ray SOR45, S. oneidensis
PDB code 1tza
18. T0213 All groups 103 NMR Hypothetical protein, E. coli
PDB code 1te7
19. T0214 All groups 110 NMR Hypothetical protein, P. furiosus
PDB code 1s04
20. T0215 All groups 76 NMR Hypothetical membrane protein, T. acidophilum
PDB code 1x9b
21. T0216 All groups 435 X-ray TM0727, T. maritima
PDB code 1vl4
22. T0217 All groups 261 X-ray TM1631, T. maritima
PDB code 1vpq
Canceled - no structure
23. T0218 All groups 303 X-ray TM1739, T. maritima
PDB code 1zup
Canceled - no structure
24. T0219 All groups 330 X-ray yxaQ, B. subtilis
PDB code 1vrb
Canceled - no structure
25. T0220 All groups 322 X-ray Ornithine cyclodeaminase, A. fulgidus
PDB codes 1vll , 1OMO
Canceled - early release
26. T0221 All groups 85 X-ray Hypothetical protein asl1650, Nostoc sp. PCC 7120
PDB codes 2afe , 2afd
Canceled - no structure
27. T0222 All groups 373 X-ray Spore coat polysaccharide biosynthesis protein spsE, B. subtilis
PDB code 1vli
28. T0223 All groups 206 X-ray Putative Nitroreductase, T. maritima
PDB code 1vkw
29. T0224 All groups 87 NMR TM0979, T. maritima
PDB codes 1rhx, 1x9a (independently solved by a different NMR group)
30. T0225 All groups 280 X-ray DTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose reductase, rfbD ortholog, C. acetobutylicum
PDB code 1vl0
Canceled - early release
31. T0226 All groups 290 X-ray TTHB84orF1199200, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wiw
32. T0227 All groups 121 X-ray TTHB84orF1350600, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wk2
33. T0228 All groups 430 X-ray Nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase, S. cerevisiae
PDB code 1vlp
34. T0229 All groups 138 X-ray TM0919, T. maritima
PDB code 1vla
35. T0230 All groups 104 NMR TM0487, T. maritima
PDB codes 1wcj, 1UWD
36. T0231 All groups 142 X-ray Glia maturation factor gamma, Mouse
PDB code 1vkk
37. T0232 All groups 236 X-ray Atu5508, A. tumefaciens
PDB code 1zgm
38. T0233 All groups 362 X-ray Anthranilate phosphoribosyltransferase 2, Nostoc sp. pcc 7120
PDB code 1vqu
39. T0234 All groups 165 X-ray Alr5027, Nostoc sp. pcc 7120
PDB code 1vl7
40. T0235 All groups 499 X-ray Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 6, S. cerevisiae
PDB code 1vjv
41. T0236 All groups 110 X-ray RSBU_BACSU Phosphoserine phosphatase rsbU, B. subtilis
Published 7/19 in the JBC Online;  PDB code 1w53
Canceled - early release
42. T0237 All groups 445 X-ray Apical merozoite antigen 1, P. vivax
PDB codes 1w8k1w81
43. T0238 All groups 244 X-ray Predicted coding region BBA68, B. burgdorferi
PDB code 1w33
44. T0239 All groups 98 X-ray Hypothetical protein PAE0736, P. aerophilum, str. IM2
PDB code 1rki
45. T0240 All groups 90 X-ray tonb, E. coli
PDB code 1u07
46. T0241 All groups 237 X-ray Alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase, B. brevis
47. T0242 All groups 116 X-ray B116, Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus
PDB code 2blk
48. T0243 All groups 93 X-ray F93, Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus
49. T0244 All groups 301 X-ray galu, E. coli
50. T0245 All groups 196 X-ray Conserved hypothetical protein, A. fulgidus
Canceled - no structure
51. T0246 All groups 354 X-ray 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase, T. maritima
PDB code 1vlc
52. T0247 All groups 364 X-ray aminomethyltransferase, E. coli
PDB code 1vlo
53. T0248 All groups 294 X-ray Hypothetical protein, M. pneumoniae M129
PDB code 1td6
54. T0249 All groups 209 X-ray Conserved hypothetical protein, C. tepidum TLS
PDB code 1t6s
55. T0250 All groups 234 X-ray Hypothetical protein similar to alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase,
S. aureus subsp. aureus N315,
PDB code 1xv2
Canceled - no structure
56. T0251 All groups 102 X-ray Conserved hypothetical protein, S. aureus subsp. aureus N315
PDB code 1xg8
57. T0252 All groups 301 X-ray Putative glutaminase, E. coli K12
PDB code 1u60
Canceled - early release
58. T0253 All groups 194 X-ray Xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase, B.subtilis
PDB code 1y0b
Canceled - no structure
59. T0254 All groups 107 X-ray PDB code 1u9d
Canceled - early release
60. T0255 All groups 159 X-ray Hypothetical protein, P. aeruginosa PAO1
PDB code 1u69
Canceled - early release
61. T0256 All groups 112 X-ray Hypothetical protein, B. cereus ATCC 14579
PDB code 1xqa
Canceled - no structure
62. T0257 All groups 162 X-ray Conserved hypothetical protein, P. aeruginosa PAO1
PDB code 1y12
Canceled - no structure
63. T0258 All groups 201 X-ray acyl carrier protein phosphodiesterase, S. typhimurium LT2
PDB code 1t5b
Canceled - early release
64. T0259 All groups 186 X-ray Conserved protein, M. thermoautotrophicum
PDB code 1t57
Canceled - early release
65. T0260 All groups 224 X-ray putative transcriptional repressor, S. typhimurium LT2
PDB code 1t33
Canceled - early release
66. T0261 All groups 345 X-ray Hypothetical protein, T. thermophilus HB27
PDB code 1wdi
Canceled by the assessors
67. T0262 All groups 256 X-ray Hypothetical protein, A. pernix
PDB code 1wfx
68. T0263 All groups 101 X-ray Hypothetical protein, E. coli
PDB code 1wd6
69. T0264 All groups 294 X-ray Probable diphtine synthase APE0931, A. pernix
PDB code 1wde
70. T0265 All groups 109 X-ray Hypothetical transcriptional regulator, S. tokodaii
71. T0266 All groups 152 X-ray Hypothetical protein APE2540, A. pernix
PDB code 1wdv
72. T0267 All groups 175 X-ray Acetyltransferase, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wk4
73. T0268 All groups 285 X-ray mraW protein, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wg8
74. T0269 All groups 250 X-ray thioredoxin peroxidase, A. pernix
PDB code 1vgs
75. T0270 All groups 249 X-ray Polyketide synthase curD, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1vdh
Canceled by the assessors
76. T0271 All groups 161 X-ray Hypothetical conserved protein, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1vgg
77. T0272 All groups 211 X-ray Hypothetical protein, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wj9
78. T0273 All groups 187 X-ray Hypothetical cytosolic protein, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wdj
79. T0274 All groups 159 X-ray Probable nitrilotriacetate monooxygenase component B, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wgb
80. T0275 All groups 137 X-ray Hypothetical conserved protein, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wjg
81. T0276 All groups 184 X-ray Conserved hypothetical protein, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wkc
82. T0277 All groups 119 X-ray Probable nucleotidyltransferase, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wj8
83. T0278 All groups 389 X-ray Cytochrome P450, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wiy
Canceled by the organizers
84. T0279 All groups 261 X-ray Uroporphyrinogen-III synthase, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wd7
85. T0280 All groups 208 X-ray Putative phosphoribosyl transferase, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1wd5
86. T0281 All groups 70 X-ray Hypothetical protein, T. thermophilus
PDB code 1whz
87. T0282 All groups 332 X-ray Formiminoglutamase, Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar eltor str.
PDB code 1xfk
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