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# Target ID Type No. residues Method Description
1. T0086 All groups 164 X-ray Chorismate lyase, E. coli
Reference: Gallagher, DT; Mayhew, M; Holden, MJ; Howard, A; Kim, KJ; Vilker, VL. (2001) The crystal structure of chorismate lyase shows a new fold and a tightly retained product. Proteins, 44:304-311.
PDB code 1fw9

2. T0087 All groups 310 X-ray PPase, S. mutans
Reference: Merckel, MC; Fabrichniy, IP; Salminen, A; Kalkkinen, N; Baykov, AA; Lahti, R; Goldman, A. (2001) Crystal Structure of Streptococcus mutans Pyrophosphatase: A New Fold for an Old Mechanism. Structure, 9: 289-297.
PDB code 1i74
3. T0088 All groups 156 Diffracting
GafD, E. coli
4. T0089 All groups 419 X-ray FtsA, T. maritima
Reference: van den Ent, F; Lowe, J. (2000) Crystal structure of the cell division protein FtsA from Thermotoga maritima. EMBO J., 19: 5300-5307.
PDB code 1e4f
5. T0090 All groups 209 X-ray ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase, E. coli
Reference: Gabelli, SB; Bianchet, MA; Bessman, MJ; Amzel, LM. (2001) The Structure of Adp-Ribose Pyrophosphatase Reveals the Structural Basis for the Versatility of the Nudix Family. Nat.Struct.Biol., 8: 467-472.
PDB codes 1g0s, 1g9q and 1ga7
6. T0091 All groups 109 X-ray Hypothetical protein HI0442, H. influenzae
7. T0092 All groups 241 X-ray Hypothetical protein HI0319, H. influenzae
Reference: Lim, K; Zhang, H; Tempczyk, A; Bonander, N; Toedt, J; Howard, A; Eisenstein, E; Herzberg, O. (2001) Crystal Structure of Yeco from Haemophilus Influenzae (HI0319) Reveals a Methyltransferase Fold and a Bound S-Adenosylhomocysteine. Proteins, 45:397-407.
PDB code 1im8
8. T0093 All groups 160 X-ray Hypothetical protein HI0766, H. influenzae
9. T0094 All groups 181 X-ray Cyclic phosphodiesterase, A.thaliana
Reference: Hofmann A; Zdanov A; Genschik P; Ruvinov S; Filipowicz W and Wlodawer A. (2000) Structure and mechanism of activity of the cyclic phosphodiesterase of Appr>p, a product of the tRNA splicing reaction. EMBO J. 19:6207-6217.
PDB code 1fsi
10. T0095 All groups 244 X-ray Alpha(E)-catenin fragment, mouse
Reference: Pokutta, S; Drees, F; Takai, Y; Nelson, WJ; Weis, WI. (2002) Biochemical and structural definition of the l-afadin- and actin-binding sites of alpha-catenin. J Biol Chem, 277:18868-18874.
PDB code 1l7c
11. T0096 All groups 239 X-ray FadR, E. coli
Reference: van Aalten, D.M.F; DiRusso, C.C; Knudsen, J; Wierenga, R.K. (2000) Crystal structure of FadR, a fatty acid-responsive transcription factor with a novel acyl coenzyme A-binding fold. EMBO J., 19: 5167-5177.
PDB code 1e2x
12. T0097 All groups 105 NMR C-terminal domain of ERp29, rat
Reference: Liepinsh, E; Barishev, M; Sharipo, A; Ingelman-Sundberg, M; Otting, G; Mkrtchian, S. (2001) Thioredoxin Fold as a Homodimerization Module in the Putative Chaperone Erp29: NMR Structures of the Domains and Experimental Model of the 51 kDa Dimer. Structure, 9:457-471.
PDB code 1g7d
13. T0098 All groups 121 X-ray C-terminal domain of Spo0A, B. stearothermophilus
Reference: Lewis, R.J; Krzywda, S; Brannigan, J.A; Turkenburg, J.P; Muchov, K; Dodson, E.J; Baruk, I; Wilkinson, A.J. (2000) The trans-activation domain of the sporulation response regulator Spo0A revealed by X-ray crystallography. Molecular Microbiology, 38:198-212.
PDB code 1fc3
14. T0099 All groups 56 NMR -
15. T0100 All groups 342 X-ray Pectin Methylesterase, E. chrysanthemi
Reference: Jenkins, J; Mayans, O; Smith, D; Worboys, K; Pickersgill, RW. (2001) Three-dimensional Structure of Erwinia chrysanthemi Pectin Methylesterase Reveals a Novel Esterase Active Site. J. Mol. Biol., 305:951-960.
PDB code 1qjv
16. T0101 All groups 400 X-ray Pectate lyase PelL, E. chrysanthemi
17. T0102 All groups 70 NMR Bacteriocin AS-48, E. faecalis
Reference: Gonzalez, C; Langdon, GM; Bruix, M; Galvez, A; Valdivia, E; Maquaeda, M; Rico, M. (2000) Bacteriocin AS-48, a microbial cyclic polypeptide structurally and functionally related to mammalian NK-lysin. PNAS, 97:11221-11226.
PDB code 1e68
18. T0103 All groups 372 X-ray Pepstatin insensitive carboxyl proteinase, Pseudomonas sp.
Reference: Wlodawer, A; Li, M; Dauter, Z; Gustchina, A; Uchida, K; Oyama, H; Dunn, BM; Oda, K. (2001) Carboxyl Proteinase from Pseudomonas Defines a Novel Family of Subtilisin-Like Enzymes. Nat. Struct. Biol., 8: 442-446.
PDB code 1ga6
19. T0104 All groups 158 X-ray Hypothetical protein HI0065, H. influenzae
Reference: Teplyakov, A; Obmolova, G; Tordova, M; Thanki, N; Bonander, N; Eisenstein, E; Howard, AJ; Gilliland, GL. (2002) Crystal structure of the YjeE protein from Haemophilus influenzae: a putative ATPase involved in cell wall synthesis. Proteins, 48:220-226.
PDB code 1fl9
20. T0105 All groups 94 NMR Protein Sp100b, human
Reference: Bottomley, MJ; Collard, MW; Huggenvik, JI; Liu, Z; Gibson, TJ; Sattler, M. (2001) The Sand Domain Structure Defines a Novel DNA Binding Fold in Transcriptional Regulation. Nat.Struct.Biol., 8: 626-633.
PDB code 1h5p
21. T0106 All groups 128 X-ray Secreted frizzled protein 3, mouse
Reference: Dann, CE; Hsieh, JC; Rattner, A; Sharma, D; Nathans, J; Leahy, DJ; (2001) Insights Into Wnt Binding and Signaling from the Structures of Two Frizzled Cysteine-Rich Domains. Nature, 412:86-90.
PDB code 1ijx
22. T0107 All groups 188 X-ray Family 9 carbohydrate binding module, T. maritima
Reference: Notenboom, V; Boraston, AB; Kilburn, DG; Rose, DR. (2001) Crystal Structures of the Family 9 Carbohydrate-Binding Module from Thermotoga Maritima Xylanase 10A in Native and Ligand-Bound Forms. Biochemistry, 40: 6248-6256.
PDB codes 1i82, 1i8a and 1i8u
23. T0108 All groups 206 X-ray Family 17 carbohydrate binding module, C. cellulovorans
Reference: Notenboom, V; Boraston, AB; Chiu, P; Freelove, ACJ; Kilburn, DG; Rose, DR. (2001) Recognition of Cello-Oligosaccharides by a Family 17 Carbohydrate-Binding Module: An X-Ray Crystallographic, Thermodynamic and Mutagenic Study. J.Mol.Biol., 314:797-806.
PDB code 1j83
24. T0109 All groups 182 X-ray Oligoribonuclease, H. influenzae
25. T0110 All groups 128 X-ray Ribosome-binding factor A, H. influenzae
26. T0111 All groups 431 X-ray Enolase, E. coli
Reference: Kuhnel, K; Luisi, BF. (2001) Crystal Structure of the Escherichia Coli RNA Degradosome Component Enolase. J.Mol.Biol., 313: 583-592.
PDB code 1e9i
27. T0112 All groups 352 X-ray Ketose Reductase / Sorbitol Dehydrogenase, B. argentifolii
Reference: Banfield, MJ; Salvucci, ME; Baker, EN; Smith, CA. (2001) Crystal Structure of the NADP(H)-dependent Ketose Reductase from Bemisia argentifolii at 2.3 A Resolution. J. Mol. Biol., 306:239-250.
PDB code 1e3j
28. T0113 All groups 261 X-ray Short chain 3-hydroxyacyl-coa dehydrogenase, rat
Reference: Powell, A.J; Read, J.A; Banfield, M.J; Gunn-Moore, F; Yan, S.D; Lustbader, J; Stern, A.R; Stern, D.M; Brady, R.L. (2000) Recognition of Structurally Diverse Substrates by Type II 3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase (HADH II)/Amyloid-beta Binding Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ABAD). J.Mol.Biol., 303:311-327.
PDB codes 1e3w, 1e3s and 1e6w
29. T0114 All groups 87 NMR Antifungal protein AFP-1, S. tendae
Reference: Campos-Olivas, R; Herr, I; Bormann, C; Jung, G; Gronenborn, AM. (2001) Solution Structure, Backbone Dynamics and Chitin Binding Properties of the Anti-Fungal Protein from Streptomyces Tendae T0901. J.Mol.Biol., 308: 765-782.
PDB codes 1gh5 and 1g6e
30. T0115 All groups 300 X-ray Homoserine kinase, M. jannaschii
Reference: Zhou T; Daugherty M; Grishin NV; Osterman AL; Zhang H. (2000) Structure and Mechanism of Homoserine Kinase Prototype for the GHMP Kinase Superfamily. Structure Fold Des., 8:1247-1257.
PDB code 1fwk
31. T0116 All groups 811 X-ray MutS, T. Aquaticus
Reference: Obmolova, G; Ban, C; Hsieh, P; Yang W. (2000) Crystal structures of mismatch repair protein MutS and its complex with a substrate DNA. Nature, 407: 703-710.
PDB code 1ewq
32. T0117 All groups 250 X-ray Deoxyribonucleoside kinase, D. melanogaster
Reference: Johansson, K; Ramaswamy, S; Ljungkrantz, C; Knecht, W; Piskur, J; Munch-Petersen, B; Eriksson, S; Eklund, H. (2001) Structural Basis for Substrate Specificities of Cellular Deoxyribonucleoside Kinases. Nat.Struct.Biol., 8:616-620.
PDB code 1j90
33. T0118 All groups 149 X-ray Endodeoxyribonuclease I, Bacteriophage T7
Reference: Hadden, JM; Convery, MA; Declais, AC; Lilley, DMJ; Phillips, SEV. (2001) Crystal Structure of the Holliday Junction Resolving Enzyme T7 Endonuclease I. Nat.Struct.Biol., 8:62-67.
PDB code 1fzr
34. T0119 All groups 338 X-ray Benzoate dioxygenase reductase, Acinetobacter sp.
Reference: Karlsson, A; Beharry, ZM; Matthew, Eby D; Coulter, ED; Neidle, EL; Kurtz, DM Jr; Eklund, H; Ramaswamy, S. (2002) X-ray crystal structure of benzoate 1,2-dioxygenase reductase from Acinetobacter sp. strain ADP1. J Mol Biol, 318:261-272.
PDB code 1krh
35. T0120 All groups 336 X-ray DNA repair protein XRCC4, human
Reference: Junop MS; Modesti M; Guarn A; Ghirlando R; Gellert M; and Yang W. (2000) Crystal structure of the Xrcc4 DNA repair protein and implications for end joining. EMBO J. 19:5962-5970.
PDB code 1fu1
36. T0121 All groups 372 X-ray MalK, T. litoralis
Reference: Diederichs K; Diez J; Greller G; Muller C; Breed J; Schnell C; Vonrhein C; Boos W; and Welte W. (2000) Crystal structure of MalK, the ATPase subunit of the trehalose/maltose ABC transporter of the archaeon Thermococcus litoralis. EMBO J. 19:5951-5961.
PDB code 1g29
37. T0122 All groups 248 X-ray Tryptophan Synthase alpha subunit, P. furiosus
Reference: Yamagata, Y; Ogasahara, K; Hioki, Y; Lee, SJ; Nakagawa, A; Nakamura, H; Ishida, M; Kuramitsu, S; Yutani, K. (2001) Entropic Stabilization of the Tryptophan Synthase Alpha-Subunit from a Hyperthermophile, Pyrococcus Furiosus. X-Ray Analysis and Calorimetry. J.Biol.Chem., 276: 11062-11071.
PDB code 1geq
38. T0123 All groups 160 X-ray Beta-lactoglobulin, pig
PDB code 1exs
39. T0124 All groups 242 X-ray Phospholipase C beta C-terminus, turkey
Reference: Singer, AU; Waldo, GL; Harden, TK; Sondek, J. (2002) A Unique Fold of Phospholipase C-Beta Mediates Dimerization and Interaction with G alpha q. Nat.Struct.Biol., 9:32-36.
PDB code 1jad
40. T0125 All groups 141 X-ray Sp18 protein, H. fulgens
Reference: Kresge, N; Vacquier, VD; Stout, CD. (2001) The Crystal Structure of a Fusagenic Sperm Protein Reveals Extreme Surface Properties. Biochemistry, 40: 5407-5413.
PDB code 1gak
41. T0126 All groups 163 X-ray Olfactory marker protein, mouse
PDB code 1f35
42. T0127 All groups 350 X-ray Magnesium chelatase, R. capsulatus
Reference: Fodje, MN; Hansson, A; Hansson, M; Olsen, JG; Gough, S; Willows, RD; Al-Karadaghi, S. (2001) Interplay between an AAA module and an integrin I domain may regulate the function of magnesium chelatase. J. Mol. Biol., 311:111-122.
PDB code 1g8p
43. T0128 All groups 222 X-ray Manganese superoxide dismutase homolog, P. aerophilum
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