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# Target ID Type No. residues Method Description
1. T0129All groups 182 X-ray HI0817, H. influenzae
PDB code 1izm
2. T0130All groups 114 X-ray HI0073, H. influenzae
PDB code 1no5
3. T0131All groups 100 X-ray HI0857, H. influenzae
4. T0132All groups 154 X-ray HI0827, H. influenzae
PDB code 1nng
5. T0133All groups 312 X-ray HIP1R N-terminal domain, rat
6. T0134All groups 251 X-ray Delta-adaptin appendage domain, human
7. T0135All groups 108 X-ray Boiling stable protein, P. tremula
PDB code 1tr0
8. T0136All groups 523 X-ray Transcarboxylase 12S subunit, P. shermanii
PDB codes 1on3 and 1on9
9. T0137All groups 133 X-ray Fatty acid binding protein FABP1, E. granulosus
PDB code 1o8v
10. T0138All groups 135 NMR KaiA N-terminal domain, S. elongatus
PDB codes 1m2e and 1m2f
11. T0139All groups 83 NMR Dnase Fragmentation Factor/Inhibotor to Caspase Associated DNase domain (225-307), human
PDB code 1koy
12. T0140All groups 103 X-ray 1b11, synthetic protein
PDB code 2bh8
13. T0141All groups 187 NMR AmpD protein, C. freundii
PDB code 1iya; replaced by 1j3g
14. T0142All groups 282 X-ray Nitrophorin, C. lectularius
PDB code 1ntf
15. T0143All groups 216 X-ray V8 protease, S. aureus
PDB code 1qy6
16. T0144All groups 172 X-ray Cyp protein, L. luteus
17. T0145All groups 216 X-ray Gliotactin C-terminus portion, D. melanogaster
18. T0146All groups 325 X-ray ygfZ, E.coli
PDB code 1nrk
19. T0147All groups 245 X-ray ycdX, E.coli
PDB codes 1m65 and 1m68
20. T0148All groups 163 X-ray HI1034, H. influenzae
PDB code 1in0
21. T0149All groups 318 X-ray yjiA, E.coli
PDB code 1nij
22. T0150All groups 102 X-ray Ribososmal protein L30E, T. celer
PDB code 1h7m
23. T0151All groups 164 X-ray Single-strand binding protein (SSB),
M. tuberculosis H37Rv
PDB code 1ue6
24. T0152All groups 210 X-ray Hypothetical protein Rv1347c,
M. tuberculosis
PDB code 1yk3
25. T0153All groups 154 X-ray Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase),
M. tuberculosis
PDB code 1mq7
26. T0154All groups 309 X-ray Pantothenate synthetase,
M. tuberculosis
PDB code 1mop
27. T0155All groups 133 X-ray Probable dihydroneopterin aldolase (DHNA),
M. tuberculosis
PDB code 1nbu
28. T0156All groups 157 X-ray Probable S-adenosylmethionine:2-demethylmenaquinone methyltransferase,
M. tuberculosis
PDB code 1nxj
29. T0157All groups 138 X-ray yqgF, E. coli
PDB code 1nmn
30. T0158All groups 319 X-ray Acetyl esterase, E. coli
31. T0159All groups 309 X-ray Glycine betaine-binding periplasmic protein, E. coli
PDB code 1r9q
32. T0160All groups 128 X-ray VAP-A protein, rat
PDB code 1Z9o
33. T0161All groups 156 X-ray HI1480, H. influenzae
PDB code 1mw5
34. T0162All groups 286 X-ray F-actin capping protein alpha-1 subunit, chicken
PDB code 1izn
35. T0163All groups 369 X-ray Glycin oxidase, B. subtilis
PDB codes 1ng3 and 1ng4
36. T0164All groups 166 X-ray C20, chicken
37. T0165All groups 318 X-ray Cephalosporin C deacetylase, B. subtilis
PDB code 1l7a
38. T0166All groups 150 X-ray Transcriptional regulator SLYA, E. faecalis
39. T0167All groups 185 X-ray Hypothetical Cytosolic Protein yckF, B.subtilis
PDB code 1m3s
40. T0168All groups 327 X-ray Glutaminase, B. subtilis
PDB code 1mki
41. T0169All groups 156 X-ray yqjY, B.subtilis
PDB code 1mk4
42. T0170All groups 69 NMR FF domain of HYPA/FBP11, human
PDB code 1h40
43. T0171All groups 256 X-ray Protein BioH, E. coli
PDB code 1m33
44. T0172All groups 299 X-ray Conserved hypothetical protein, T. maritima
PDB codes 1m6y and 1n2x
45. T0173All groups 303 X-ray Mycothiol deacetylase,
M. tuberculosis
PDB code 1q74
46. T0174All groups 417 X-ray Protein XOl-1, C. elegans
PDB code 1mg7
47. T0175All groups 248 X-ray Hypothetical protein yjhP, E. coli
PDB code 1nkv
48. T0176All groups 100 NMR Hypothetical protein yggU, E. coli
PDB code 1n91
49. T0177All groups 240 X-ray Hypothetical protein HP0162, H. pylori
PDB code 1mw7
50. T0178All groups 219 X-ray Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase, A. aeolicus
PDB code 1mzh
51. T0179All groups 276 X-ray Spermidine synthase homolog, B. subtilis
PDB code 1iy9
52. T0180All groups 53 NMR Hypothetical protein MTH467, M. thermoautotrophicum
53. T0181All groups 111 NMR Hypothetical protein YHR087w, S. cerevisiae
PDB code 1nyn
54. T0182All groups 250 X-ray TM1478, T. maritima
PDB code 1o0x
55. T0183All groups 248 X-ray TM1559, T. maritima
PDB code 1o0y
56. T0184All groups 240 X-ray TM1102, T. maritima
PDB code 1o0w
57. T0185All groups 457 X-ray TM0231, T. maritima
PDB code 1j6u
58. T0186All groups 364 X-ray TM0814, T. maritima
PDB code 1o12
59. T0187All groups 417 X-ray TM1585, T. maritima
PDB code 1o0u
60. T0188All groups 124 X-ray TM1816, T. maritima
PDB code 1o13
61. T0189All groups 319 X-ray TM0828, T. maritima
PDB code 1o14
62. T0190All groups 114 X-ray Transthyretin-related protein, E. coli
63. T0191All groups 282 X-ray Shikimate 5-dehydrogenase, M. jannaschii
PDB code 1nvt
64. T0192All groups 171 X-ray Spermidime/Spermine Acetyltransferase (SSAT), human
PDB code 2g3t
65. T0193All groups 211 X-ray AT-rich DNA binding protein (ATBP), T. aquaticus
PDB code 1r72 replaced by 1xcb
66. T0194All groups 237 X-ray Conserved hypothetical protein, M. pneumoniae
67. T0195All groups 299 X-ray Hypothetical esterase in SMC3-MRPL8 intergenic region, S. cerevisiae
PDB code 1pv1
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